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When I first started my weight loss journey I was extremely overweight, unhealthy, overwhelmed and felt self-
defeated by the amount of weight I needed to lose.
All I needed was an extra push and motivation in the right direction to help me achieve my goals. That's when I found 
Tammy at Turney Health Care. She has helped and been a tremendous blessing, by encouraging me and showing me 
through the Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type diet , that my health and reaching goals of being healthy at an optimal weight can be achieved through her program. 
So far, I have lost 60lbs., and more than ever I know I can lose the rest of it, which is nothing compared to what I lost. 
For over 20 years, my weight was in the 200's and one time I was almost 300 lbs! Now with The love, care, compassion and commitment I have found at Turney Healthcare, my whole life has been turning around and I have a new problem, my clothes are falling down! I went from a size 26/28, to a 16, and now those pants are starting to get loose! I lost 54lbs., in 5 months and have 30 more to go! I haven't been this healthy, fit and energetic in years!
I have always believed through trial and error on different diets, losing and gaining weight, over the years that diets 
don't work. This became true for me as I would lose and gain weight. Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type has made so much 
sense to me because it is an individualized eating plan according to whatever blood type you are. This has helped me to look at food as something that can either help me, which I end up losing weight., or hurt me, which I end up being 
bloated and the pounds start piling up. I still eat foods on the avoid list occasionally but make sure that the rest of the day I am following the highly beneficial and neutral list. I even have my once a week, eat out and enjoy time, and allow myself to eat things I wouldn't normally eat as a reward for all the hard work. But since I'm not on a diet, I am learning to make better food choices when I'm eating out as well, because I'm changing the way I look at food.
I have had years of looking at food as false comfort and I am still challenged by certain foods that I really enjoy, that I know don't help me lose weight , and I have been doing my best to not eat them. But if I do fall to them, I remind 
myself that it is strength over time, and the rest of the day I exercise and follow the eating plan. I really appreciate how no matter what, even if I'm not losing weight on a weekly basis, when I see Tammy, she always says "you can do it", "you will get your goals", and I go home so happy and inspired. Because of her love and graciousness towards me, I always will do my best- because she has been instrumental in showing me and believing in me, and always saying, "you can do it", "you will do it"- and with her help, love and support, I am!!!

With Much Love and Gratitude,
Beth Edwards

Thank you Tammy!

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Below you'll find the testimonials people have written for us, and the ability to write your own.